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Moss Bros share their secret to year on year growth

Moss Bros share their secret to year on year growth

Published on 2022-06-09 by Gemma Nickerson

Continuing with our series of testimonial videos from our client base - next up is number one formal men's retailer in the UK Moss Bros. Established in 1851, Moss Bros are an established brand for men's online tailoring and smart wear, with over 100 stores in the UK.

Moss Bros have been a client with Remarkable Commerce for 10 years now and have achieved 60% year on year sales growth. Matt Henton, Head of Ecommerce at Moss shares how easy it was to replatform, why the system works and how this allows them to increase growth each year.

"We replatformed to Remarkable Commerce 10 years ago and we have not looked back since. On the Remarkable Commerce platform we have seen consistent turnover growth and we see performance continue to climb every year".

Matt Henton, Head of Ecommerce, Moss Bros.

They have five dedicated storefronts for different countries and can manage all of these through one central admin system - which simplifies everything.

View the full video below and let us know what you think. Big thanks goes to Moss Bros for taking part in this video with us.