Jeff Banks gets his online refresh

Jeff Banks gets his online refresh

Published on 2015-02-28 by Brad Houldsworth

Known for their distinct and sophisticated designs, 

Click here to visit the new Jeff Banks site have been Jeff Bank’s eCommerce Agency for over 3 years now. With both Marketing and development services engaged with, fantastic growth over this short time has been achieved and the online presence of this well known brand has dramatically increased.

Work on the new Jeff Banks site started in Summer 2015 and after a full redesign launched the new site in October 2015. Jeff Banks now have a site as modern and stylish as their range of products.

The new design itself was produced by the internal team at Jeff Banks, then passed onto to build and implement the online experience envisioned by all involved parties. The smart layout on product listing pages clearly displays the many available colours and patterns for each product; model shots are also used at this viewpoint, showing the fit style and what each can be styled with. When viewing product pages, scrolling over images allows details to be magnified and enhanced, allowing the consumer to closely observe and peruse.

A “You May Also Like” product carousel is a fantastic way keeping the consumer engaged, where suggesting products they may consider buying if the current product they are viewing isn’t quite right – this can be seen at the bottom of all product pages.

The Remarkable Commerce team for this project were Chris Hardy, Daniel Beresford and Bradlie Houldsworth.

Click here to visit the new Jeff Banks site