New website for Ben Sherman

New website for Ben Sherman

Published on 2016-08-26 by Brad Houldsworth

The Remarkable Commerce team launches new site for Ben Sherman in 2016; enhancing speed, modern redesign and user appeal from top to toe. Concluding in some great results to show strong improvement, with a positive forecast into the promising future of Ben Sherman.

British men’s clothing brand since ’63, Ben Sherman have continually offered renewed and unique trends to their customers. From premium suits, sweaters to shoes and accessories, their exclusive collection is perfect for the modern day maverick.

The brand puts emphasis on a mix of formal, classic styles to quirky and eccentric, covering a wide variety of designs to suit every choice. With the infamous designs and recognisable mod target logo on their garments, Ben Sherman have built up a loyal following that still continues to grow.

“The Ben Sherman brand has gone through a major transition that needed to take place in a very short space of time. The Remarkable Commerce team have really lived up to our expectations and have delivered a fantastic new web platform that is fast, responsive, incredibly easy to use and is fully integrated with our internal systems for stock and merchandising management. ” (Andrew Thompson, Director)


Click here to visit the new Ben Sherman site

With the project taking a duration of just over two months, Ben Sherman went live on 22nd March 2016. Using the Remarkable Commerce platform, we built a vibrant and contemporary new website refining functionality all round. With the previous site suffering from issues such as slow loading times, inefficient navigation and poor usability the main focus for the Remarkable Commerce team on this project was to improve these key areas, guaranteeing buyers have that accessibility and an overall enhanced consumer journey on the site since the new updates.

The new site has much improved pages including the new ‘Last Word’ blog page covering the history and heritage of Ben Sherman, with some outfit blogs as well as hot topics. In addition, the revamp includes an option for the currency converter for international users, attracting a whole new market. With the easier to use interface and major speed improvements, Ben Sherman is now ranking number 1 for the fastest BMB group site yet.

During this project the Remarkable Commerce teams enjoyed the challenges of this assignment with focus on the time constraints, however were thrilled to be working with such a legendary brand!

Remarkable Commerce have been heavily involved with the Ben Sherman management team throughout the new site development and recognise the importance of making each platform fully bespoke to each clients needs. This was especially important in identifying where significant improvements that could be made from the previous Magento site and then discussing these with the management team at Ben Sherman and agreeing the final roadmap.

The results clearly speak for themselves with conversion up by 34% from launch we are pretty delighted with how the project has gone so far. Ben Sherman are also jubilant with the new site and we look forward to continue this progress year on year!

“We loved the fact we were working with such a distinct and luxury brand and feel really pleased with the outcome of this project. Within the timeline it has been a challenge but definitely a challenge we’ve enjoyed…” Remarkable Commerce Team

Ben Sherman Platform Doubles Conversion Rate After replatforming the German Ben Sherman site onto the Remarkable Commerce Platform, we've seen some impressive results within weeks...

Ben Sherman was a legend in his own right. A man described as ‘always embracing the new and the different’; someone constantly searching for the best of things. He disliked regularity, preferring to search out things that were perceived as unavailable to him. The Ben Sherman shirt and brand have been adopted by almost every youth culture or style movement of the last 5 decades.

In 2016, The Baird Group (Leeds, UK) purchased the Ben Sherman license for selling and distributing the brand in the UK. Immediately, Remarkable Commerce were asked to develop an eCommerce platform with the Remarkable Commerce platform and Manager, migrating away from their previous Magento platform, successfully relaunched in April 2016, going on to drive year-on-year traffic and revenue growth.

Following this success, Ben Sherman asked Remarkable to develop and relaunch their German site using the Remarkable Commerce Platform, granting the same level of control, agility and functionality as other sites in their portfolio.

Within days of relaunching, traffic growth across all channels began and ROI was realised within weeks of project delivery. eCommerce conversion rate increased by 109% within 4 weeks and traffic grew by 40%.

“We have worked with Remarkable Commerce for many years, and approached them to relaunch the German Ben Sherman online platform in 2019, based on their experience and agile approach. We were extremely pleased with the results once launched and look forward to developing the brand’s online capabilities further.”

The Remarkable Commerce Platform is our tailored eCommerce solution which enables ambitious retailers like Ben Sherman to achieve serious growth. Developed by Nottingham-based SaaS agency Remarkable Commerce, are an experienced eCommerce software agency launched in 1999. They work with their clients to become an extension of their business and ultimately, help them to grow online, nationally and internationally, the sky really is the limit. The agency core focus on innovation and client relationships sets them apart and their enterprise level technology grants retailers the ability to scale their eCommerce sales overnight. Retailers such as Ben ShermanMoss Bros PLCRoman OriginalsYours Clothing and many more have seen incredible success following their partnership with Remarkable Commerce.

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