eCommerce re-platforming

eCommerce re-platforming

Realise immediate sales uplift with a rapid, low-risk migration

eCommerce Re-platforming

Re-platforming without headaches

Migrating your digital commerce business to a new platform can be a daunting, lengthy process in which managing the risks of data loss and eroded functionality is vital to a successful outcome.

That is why we offer a managed 're-platforming as a service' process - individually tailored and delivered by the same engineers and developers who built and maintain our platform, supported by UX and digital marketing specialists.

Designed to ensure you maximise the benefits of moving to a high-volume, headless commerce platform from the word go and delivered by a hand-picked team, the aim is always to take the stress out of re-platforming.

Our specialists take pride in de-risking your migration and, drawing on a pre-integrated front-end accelerator, delivering on an accelerated timescale - typically three to four months, compared with 12-18 months for an in-house or third-party migration.

What's more, that pace does not come at the expense of a distinctive brand experience - every aspect of your new commerce environment can be customised according to your brand and customer experience goals.

That is why retailers migrating to the Remarkable Commerce Platform realise rapid ROI - typically seeing online turnover triple within two years.

Turnkey solution

Unlike other headless platform providers, we combine our platform with a pre-integrated, endlessly customisable frontend accelerator, an intuitive, drag-and-drop CMS with 30+ pre-build components, and a wealth of in-house technical, developer, engineering, UX, and SEO skills to support a managed migration and ongoing innovation.

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eCommerce Re-platforming

Re-platforming without headaches

Endless integrations

The Remarkable Commerce Platform features 250+ pre-built integrations covering everything from marketing automation and inventory management to payment and fulfilment.

Collaborative and transparent

Our re-replatforming as a service process is built on collaboration and transparency - understanding your needs in detail, working closely with your team on the fine details and keeping you informed at every stage.

We follow a predictable, consistent process designed to ensure that no detail is overlooked and ensure you can enjoy the commercial benefits of a feature-rich, high-performance platform from day one:


A review of your existing digital commerce real estate - from web to mobile - to understand current performance and seek optimisation quick wins that can be incorporated into the build process.


Discovery Project

This crucial first stage is about understanding your needs and goals in detail - covering everything from back-end, third party and channels integrations, governance, security and compliance controls, to data format and feeds, UX and the customer experience.

Project plan and timescales

Together, the discovery and audit phases will enable is to work with you in developing a detailed specification, and a migration plan, setting out roles and responsibilities, key dependencies, milestones and agreed timescales. This plan will be our mutual reference point throughout the process - a focal point for project meetings and a vital tool in enabling a seamless transition.

Prototyping and build

Using agile delivery principles to rapidly build out your new commerce environment and front end - starting with wireframes and working prototypes to enable debugging and optimisation prior to final development, customisation and coding.

Data migration

Our data specialists will work with you to deliver a low-risk, managed data migration - from back-office data like customer, product and stock to marketplace data feeds and analytics. What's more, they'll eradicate any data format issues, developing a bespoke, data transformation engine to effortlessly remap your data and data fields (including custom fields) - to maximise your ability to leverage data, post-migration.

Quality assurance and testing

Performance, load and stress-testing to ensure your new commerce environment functions according to specifications, iron out remaining bugs and issues, and optimise performance.

Training and support

During the migration process, we will provide your key staff - from technical to merchandisers and marketers - with familiarisation training, to ensure they can hit the ground running and make the most of our powerful commerce tools.

Post-launch, you'll be able to rely on rapid, expert support from the developers who delivered your re-platforming. Whether you need help with optimisation, troubleshooting or anything else, there's no triage, no tiered support and no 24-hour response SLA. When you need us we'll respond within the hour.