Email Marketing Platform Integrations

One of the most popular forms of eCommerce marketing is Email Marketing, used by many retailers for communicating with their customers regarding new products, and available discounts or promotions.

ESP's have formed into now being known as Marketing Automation technologies, where email is 1 of several channels for communicating a message to a customer. Other channels include text-messaging, direct-mail marketing and dynamic advertising across social and media networks.

Enterprise-level email-marketing solutions which have been integrated with Remarkable Commerce include: RedEye - an AI-driven platform focused on deliverability, Bronto - the Oracle-owned platform is a well-tested tool used by many mid-to-large retailers, Ometria - a high-end platform focused on customer engagement and content interaction.

Other ESP integrations include Smart Focus, Pure 360, Mapp, Mailgun, Mailchimp, iContact, Emarsys, Communicator and Sailthru.

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