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Omni-channel eCommerce

Omni-channel eCommerce

Efficient and effective multichannel retailing - synergetic functions to sell more with ease

Enable multi-channel retailing to boost growth

Omnichannel retailing refers to transacting across multiple channels, which may include marketplaces, social channels, in brick-and-mortars and more. Omnichannel has become a popular buzzword, but it’s not just another way of saying that you sell on multiple channels. A pure-play retailer will refer to omnichannel in the sense of selling their product across multiple environments and managing their orders collectively in one place.

A true omnichannel approach must deliver a consistent brand experience everywhere you sell to meet your customers where they are and build relationships that transcend channels. Technology is at the heart of omnichannel retailing and a comprehensive integration of your data and systems is essential. Within the retail space, there are growing expectations from customers that can only be solved through omnichannel retailing.

What’s the difference between omnichannel and multichannel?

Multichannel is the strategy where a brand is present on multiple channels, which its customers can use to interact with the brand. These channels can be for example apps, websites, mobile websites, emails, brick-and-mortar stores, social media channels, etc. Of course, customers expect to have a seamless experience with a brand, instead of having a fragmented experience on each channel.

In comparison to an omnichannel eCommerce strategy which foresees that customers may start searching on one channel and move to another as a progression of their online purchasing journey. Omnichannel completes a multichannel strategy and optimises it for today’s typical customer behaviour.

Understandably, every brand wishes to have an omnichannel experience because they understand the challenges that customers face - these mostly being around product discovery, brand recognition and giving the best customer experience possible.

The biggest challenge which mid-market retailers face for enabling an omnichannel strategy centers around technology and resource ability to connect the dots.

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How can an omnichannel strategy improve my operations?

Having visibility of your stock is arguably the biggest barrier to proper omnichannel product and order management. Without it, you can’t access data for accurate reporting, or promise customers items will be back in stock on all platforms. When you’re expanding to new channels, rely on your ERP (or platform) for full inventory visibility which can help you optimise your supply chain and boost sales.

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Blur the line between online and offline retail

Allow customers to buy online, then pick up in store: Bringing click-and-collect customers to your store with in-store and curbside pickup, will encourage purchases in both locations.

Browsing in-store, then buying online: Remind customers of their in-store favorites with automated messaging & stock notifications.

Buy in-store, then ship to customer address: Never lose a sale even when in-store inventory is limited or the customer requests a delivery address instead of taking the item with them.

Online returns and exchanges: No matter where customers buy from, they can return or exchange in your retail store.

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