Our new promotional video is live!

Our new promotional video is live!

Published on 2015-01-21 by Brad Houldsworth

We set out to show a product journey from the initial shoot and loading, highlighting the customer discovering the new product in store but then not having time to purchase it. The product was then easily bought later using her mobile phone. The journey then moves through pick, pack and despatch and finally fulfilment and satisfaction. This shows how our website, team response, platform and technologies help to ensure that the process is as effective as possible.

Made in conjunction with our client Hallett Retail and their well known brand Stylistpick, which is retailed via Debenhams and online, we also showcase the brand new website and mobile experience that we have just launched at www.stylistpick.com

The video features various staff from both Stylistpick & Remarkable, including Remarkable’s Web Designer Daniel Healey as the delivery driver and Senior Developer Lee Smith in the offices at Remarkable. Plus Stylistpick‘s Online Content Editor Sarah Allen, presenting her design ideas to Remarkable.net.

We would also like to thank Debenhams Chesterfield for their hospitality and allowing us to film there, everyone at Hallet Retail who helped out behind the scenes, Ella, Lisa and Vicki for their wonderful acting and of course our main protagonist, the lovely Anna.

Expertly directed by James Statham (www.jamesstatham.com), the new promotional video will be used to present our agency on our site and via viral marketing channels. The video will also be used as brand awareness for both parties, introducing the new Stylistpick website and showcasing their new multi-channel capabilities.

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